Fleet Tracking

Keeping track of your fleet and your drivers is made simple by smart apps and dynamic desktop platforms.

Fleet Tracking

We have partnered with two of the UK’s leading vehicle tracking providers, that offer a simple and smart solution to your tracking needs. You can begin to see the benefits of fleet tracking of your vehicles from day one.

Improve efficiencies of vehicle usage, driving hours and route planning which in turn will improve fuel efficiencies across your fleet. Vehicles can be tracked in real and historic routes and data is stored to allow analysis and planning of future routes or simply to log a drivers journey.

The smart dashboard is simply customised to show the data relevant to your business. So if you are looking to view personal vs business mileage, drivers which may be stuck in delays or just an estimated time of arrival to the next job this is easily view online.

View driving data by driver to see over speed, unauthorised vehicle use by Geo-Fence or erratic vehicle use simply by viewing in platform. Drivers can also interact with the platform via app to capture mileage, defects or schedule repairs to a vehicle. Vehicle tracking software are interlinked into the vehicle ECU systems which will offer insight into the health of the vehicle. Reporting can be generated to show upcoming events such as routine servicing, fault codes present or incident alerts. This will mitigate risks to invalidate warranties due to missed maintenance and also keep your fleet mobile for longer whilst minising vehicle downtime.

Vehicle trackers offer the most in depth monitoring of both driver and vehicle insights that can be fitted to vehicles supplied by Autolease and also your own vehicles regardless of asset ownership.

Fleet Tracking Modules

Choose the options that best suits your business needs

Live Tracking

See in real time where all of your fleet vehicles are. Desktop platform supports traffic update to allow pre-planning of a drivers route.


Providing vital insight into a drivers behaviour in the event of accident or collision which can be vital for insurance claims.


Track fuel usage of your vehicles to establish savings and preferred route planning to lower fuel costs.

Accident Damage

Access vital information in the event of accidents to assist with insurance claims. Vital information which can be taken from the track can help to prove fault in the event of accidents.

Vehicle Health

At a glance see a vehicles current health. Hardwired trackers are installed directly into the main feeds to ECU which will remotely show data relating to engine management lights, faults or when the next service is due.

Benefits and Reporting

Driver Incentives

Promote safe driving within your team by encouraging drivers to meet preset goals for their driving style. Drill into details on acceleration, speed, harsh braking and steering.


Easily customisable reporting able to show a whole host of metrics and figures. At a glance see fuel consumption, driving style, working hours or simply a drivers current location.


Simply track your mileage for your fleet of vehicles. See vehicles which me going over mileage or being under utilised.


Easily mange your drivers working hours and personal driving. The addition of geo-fencing will show drivers using their company vehicle outside of their working hours.

Driving Style

See in-depth data on individual drivers performance. Easily see drivers which may be excessively speeding, harsh braking over idling or taking longer than usual on the road.

Live Recording

Dashcams can be viewed remotely or downloaded at a later date from the cloud. Dash cams also offer SD support for safe storage of of your images and video.

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