Terms and Conditions

1 These Terms


Autolease Ltd, with company registration number 12500886 and registered address at c/o Groucott Moor, Lombard House, Cross Keys, Lichfield, WS13 6DN) (“Autolease”/“we”/“our”/“us”) provides a website and associated services to our Autolease customers seeking to lease vehicles (“Lessee” or “you”). Such website and associated services provided by Autolease (including allowing you to enter into Lease Agreements) being the “Services”. These terms and conditions (“Terms”) apply to all Services provided or arranged by Autolease to you as recipient of the Services. By registering an account as a Lessee (“Account”) and using the Services you agree to comply with and be legally bound by these Terms. These Terms apply at any time when you use this website (“Site”) or any other method of accessing the Services and constitute a binding legal agreement between you and Autolease.


When you enter into a Lease Agreement you enter into a lease for a Vehicle for the relevant Lease Period and the Lease rate

will be detailed in the Lease Agreement and shown in the New Vehicle Order form issued by Autolease. 


Autolease reserves the right to update these Terms and/or the Lease Agreement from time to time. If Autolease amends the Terms and/or the form of the Lease Agreement by posting the revised Terms the Site and issuing the amended Lease Agreement, these amended Terms and Lease Agreement will take effect 7 days following being

posted. For the avoidance of doubt any Lease Agreement already existing between you and Autolease will not be affected by such changes to the Lease Agreement. Your continued use of our services shall indicate your agreement to

be bound by the amended Terms and/or acceptance of the new forms.  


These Terms are with you the person using the Services. You will comply with these Terms and any obligations under the

relevant Lease Agreement. If you allow another person to make use of a the vehicle under a Lease Agreement (for example any named drivers to use the Vehicle), you agree that you will remain responsible for the the use of the Vehicle.  


You should direct any queries, complaints or comments regarding the services subject to these Terms to [email protected].

2 Vehicle Orders & Applications


To order a vehicle, you will be required to complete the short online application (New Vehicle Schedule) using our Site. You

will need to provide us with a scanned image of your driver’s license, a valid UK passport and two household bills. We will also require you to provide details of a valid debit or credit card. Please ensure that the details you provide us with are correct. Autolease will not be responsible for any incorrect details you provide us with, including if a vehicle order or other correspondence is not received due to incorrect details. If you notice your details are incorrect, please contact us at [email protected] to correct this as 

soon as possible.

3 Your Obligations


You agree to observe and act in accordance with these Terms. During your lease you must at all times abide by the terms of the Lease Agreement, including but not limited to, the obligations relating to collection

and return of the Vehicle, conditions for using the Vehicle (including restrictions on what the Vehicle can be used for and whom can use the Vehicle). Your responsibilities relating to the Vehicle and Autolease are set

out in the relevant Lease Agreement.


You agree that you will not create a false account with Autolease and will not use your Account for any immoral

or illegal activity (including but not limited to money laundering or fraudulent Lease Agreements).


You shall not allow any driver other than a named driver as set out within the Motor Insurance Policy applied to the lease.

If anyone other than the insured drivers are using the Vehicle you agree you will remain responsible for the Lease and the Vehicle.


You acknowledge that you have primary responsibility for your own safety and the Vehicle during the Lease.


The Lessee is to comply

4 Qualification


We carry out a number of checks (none of which affect your credit score) and we will require proof of address and photographic evidence such as Driving Licence and/or passport.


We will require proof of income and therefore request 3 months payslips, of bank statements (in the absence of payslips)


We ask the Lessee to share their driver licence information by providing Autolease with a code via the Gov.uk website (a link will be issued by Autolease).


We will require copies of supporting documentation that will include but not limited to copies of Passport, household utility bills, Payslips and/or bank statements


We use external professional organisations to complete personal identity validation


We may on occasions, request additional information or seek a higher level of deposit and/or rental charge, all subject to the strength of the applicant applying for a Lease


Applicants minimum age is 22 and must have held a full UK driving licence for at least 12

months. Regrettably, we are unable to hire a vehicle to you if you have:

More than 6 points on your licence

More than one CU conviction

You have been disqualified from driving in the last 5 years

You have any major driving conviction in the last 3 years. Examples would include, but not

limited to DVLA codes: IN; CD; DR; DD; MS; UT; TT; AC; BA

5 Suspension and Termination


In the event of a Lease terminating, the Lessee shall pay all rentals accrued up to the date of such termination together with

all other monies due to the Lessor under the Lease Agreement and shall remain liable in respect of any damage to the Lessor.


If you do not comply with these Terms, we may terminate your lease and you will not be able to use our Services (including placing other orders). If you try to create a new Lease in order to avoid this, we reserve the right to terminate this Lease and any other existing Leases you may have.


In the event of a repudiation of the Lease Agreement by the Lessee you will no longer be able to use our Services or place New Vehicle Orders through us. If you have any outstanding New Vehicle Orders when we terminate your lease, we reserve the right to cancel these orders where you will not be entitled to a refund.


For the avoidance of doubt, each individual Lease you enter for the use of Vehicles may be terminated in accordance with the relevant Lease Agreement.


If you fail to return the Vehicle to Autolease promptly at the end of the Lease period or as required on

earlier termination, this may result in Autolease reporting you to the relevant authorities.


Termination will not affect the right of Autolease to recover any amounts owed by you pursuant to these Terms.


Upon a lease termination, Autolease reserve the right to recover all lease payments that are due and overdue for

the full lease period. Any deposit held will be released to the lessee following the satisfaction of all invoices for the Leases being terminated.


Should the Lessee fail to operate within our Terms & Conditions and/or accumulates excessive PCN’s, exceeds the Lease

mileage limits, causes excessive damage to the vehicle and fails to maintain timely payment terms as set out in the Lease, Autolease reserve the right to:   

reposses the vehicle   

terminate the lease   

recover all outstanding monies due, the remaining rentals due and all associated costs in recovering the vehicle

including any remedial repair work to the condition of the vehicle

6 Rate Calculations


Rates are published on our site as a monthly rate excluding vat unless stated otherwise.


Leases commencing or ending part way through a Lease, are calculated on a pro rata basis.


Autolease reserves the right to increase a lease rate during an active lease, where there are changes outside

of our control such as Government legislative charges (Vat, Road fund licence etc.)

7 Excess Mileage


Vehicles are not permitted to travel beyond the mileage set out in the lease schedule


Where excess mileage does occur, it is considered a breach of the Lease and an excess mileage charge will be applied

(please see table of charges)

8 Excess Rental Charge


Excess rental charges apply if the Lessee retains the vehicle beyond the Lease End date.  

Please see Table of Charges


If the vehicle is retained significantly late, higher charges may apply

9 Out of Lease


If a vehicle is returned 32 days or more after the Lease Termination date, and/or in excess of the maximum mileage limit, both of which are stated within the Vehicle Lease Schedule, it will be deemed “Out of Lease”.


MVL reserve the right to charge the Lessee any residual value shortfall against the vehicle market value at the date the

vehicle is returned to MVL, plus an administration fee of £250.00+ Vat.


The market value is calculated using CAP Hpi vehicle valuation tool, as at the date the vehicle goes Out of Lease with a

mileage equal to the free Lease Mileage Allowance. Excess rental and excess mileage charges would be applicable to the date the vehicle is returned and at the odometer reading at the time of inspection. 


Any associated charges would be chargeable to the Lessee as in any normal defleet process.

11 Payment Terms & Invoicing


An initial payment is required prior to the delivery of a lease vehicle. The value of this is set out in the New Vehicle

Order Schedule. Typically, this will include a refundable deposit and a pre-agreed no of months’ rental.


Invoices are raised and issued on or around the 20th of each month for the preceding month.


Payments are taken in advance and are collected by Direct Debit the 28th of each month for the proceeding months


12 Missed and/or Late Payments


Autolease reserve the right to apply a £25.00 administration charge for a bounced and/or returned payment


An administration charge of £25.00 will be applied for payments that are over 6 days late


Autolease reserve the right to repossess a vehicle where the Lessee


the Lessee fails to operate within our Terms & Conditions and/or accumulates excessive PCN’s, exceeds the Lease mileage

limits, causes excessive damage to the vehicle and fails to maintain timely payment terms as set out in the Lease.

13 Delivery & Collection


Delivery & collection of vehicles can be arranged at the time of order. The cost calculated at the time of vehicle order

is for delivery only. Collection charges are in addition and will be charged on the final invoice


Delivery & Collection charges are calculated at £1.25per mile from Autolease head office (DE65 5AU).


Customers are entitled to Collect or return their lease vehicle from Autolease if they choose.


Where a failed delivery or collection (abortive) exists Autolease will levy an Abortive Charge. Please see tariff of

charges as set out in the Lease.

14 Keys


Spare keys are not issued with the vehicle. Should this be a requirement, this can be arranged by contacting Autolease Vehicle

Leasing. In order to fulfil this request, a charge will be levied to the Lessee.  Estimates can be obtained at the time of request and will vary subject to manufacture.


All keys issued with the vehicle, are the responsibility of the hirer. All costs associated and incurred as a result of

lost key(s) will be the responsibility of the Lessee (example replacement keys, replacement locks, re-programming of master keys, vehicle recovery, loss of use etc.).

15 Vehicle Modifications


The Lessee is not permitted or to authorise anyone else, modify or work on or attach or affix anything to the Vehicle

without Autolease written permission. Any additions, alterations or modified parts fitted without such permission shall become part of the Vehicle and shall belong to Autolease, and the Lessee

shall be responsible for any costs in returning the Vehicle to its pre-modified condition.

16 Vehicle Maintenance & Tyres


Where a vehicle has been supplied on a “Maintenance Inclusive” agreement, the Lessee is responsible to inform Autolease

Vehicle Leasing of all routine servicing and maintenance from the Lease Start Date to the Lease End Date (which includes tyres, servicing and arranging MOTs). It is the Lessee’s responsibility to ensure maintenance compliance in

accordance to that set out by the manufacturer. In the event a Lessee allows the vehicle to miss or severely over run a scheduled service, a charge will apply.


Where a vehicle has been supplied on a “Non-Maintenance” agreement, the Lessee is always responsible at its own

expense to ensure that whilst on Lease, the Leased Vehicle(s) are:


fully maintained and serviced


kept in good condition and working order by suitably qualified persons in accordance with:


the relevant Vehicle Manufacturer’s recommendations and guidance applicable to such vehicle; and


any requirements specified in the supplied vehicle handbook

17 Roadside Assistance


All vehicles are covered under the vehicles’ manufacturer 24/7/365 Roadside Assistance service. This service is included

within the Lease unless the vehicle failure is as a result of:


Accident and or/damage


misuse or negligence of the Lessee


The Lessee will be responsible for all associated costs relating to and incurred due to incidents set out in this agreement

18 Insurance


At its own expense, it is the Lessee’s responsibility to obtain comprehensive motor insurance for themselves and to

ensure that any Named Drivers are covered by such motor insurance policy (or are covered by their own motor insurance policy).


Autolease will require the Lessee to provide a copy of the valid Motor Vehicle Insurance certificate to evidence that the Lease vehicle has the appropriate insurance cover.


The Lessee irrevocably authorises Autolease to negotiate with the insurers to settle any insurance claim and to

receive the insurance monies as appropriate. The Lessee will accept any reasonable settlement we agree with the insurers.

19 Use of Vehicle Abroad


We will endeavour to support all overseas requests. This can be confirmed at the time of ordering the vehicle


In all cases, the Lessee must seek authorisation from Autolease prior to using the vehicle outside of mainland UK.


The Lessee must obtain the relevant and necessary documentation to operate the vehicle overseas from Autolease, prior to the vehicle leaving mainland UK.


The Lessee will be responsible for all costs associated and incurred to vehicle repatriation whilst the vehicle is overseas

20 Disputes


If you are dissatisfied in any way with your Lease, you may make a complaint to Autolease at any time by contacting us by email to [email protected] or by post to Complaints Team, Unit 16a Sapperton Park, Sapperton Field Lane, Church Broughton, DE65 5AU. Autolease will aim to deal with your complaint in 3 working days. If we have not resolved your case within 3 working days, then a member of the team will acknowledge receipt using the contact details you provided and keep you updated on the progress. On occasion, Autolease may appoint a third party to handle

your complaint.


The provisions of this clause 5 will survive any termination of these Terms.e repatriation whilst the vehicle is overseas

21 Our liability to you under these Terms


Autolease is not responsible for:


losses not caused by Autolease’s breach


indirect losses (which means losses which happen as a side effect of the main loss or damage and which are not reasonably

foreseeable by Autolease and you at the time of entering into these Terms (such as loss of profits, income or loss of opportunity);


failure to provide the Services where such failure is due to events beyond Autolease’s control (e.g. a Manufacturer



If you choose to use the site and the Services, you do so at your sole risk. The Site and Services are provided “as is”. Autolease makes no promises that the Site or Services will meet your requirements or be available on an uninterrupted, secure or error-free basis. Autolease makes no promises regarding the quality of the Services or the

timeliness of any content obtained through the Site or Services.


If Autolease is in breach of these Terms or are otherwise liable to you for any other type of claim we shall only

be liable for a maximum amount of £10,000 in respect of all such losses, damages or claims. 

22 Governing Law

These Terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law. 

23 General


Any notice or other communication given to you in connection with these Terms may be sent by email to the latest address or by post to such address as Autolease holds for you.


Except as otherwise agreed in these Terms and required by law, each party agrees with the other to keep secret and not share (except with its employees, contracts and advisers (where relevant)) any confidential information it receives from the other party through these Terms.


Both parties agree that these terms are fair and reasonable in all circumstances. However, if any part of these terms is

disallowed or found to be ineffective by a court or regulator, the other provisions shall continue to apply.


If either party does not take action against another party, the party who chose not to take action is still entitled to use

it rights and remedies in any other situation when these Terms are breached.


These Terms are for the benefit of you, and no term of these Terms will be enforceable by any other person that is not a party to it including any enforcement through the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999.  

24 Use of data

“New Vehicle Order”

a confirmation issued by Autolease of a new vehicle order

“Admin Fee”

An administration fee payable by the Lessee as part of the initial Lease payment as set out in the New Vehicle Order form

“Lease Agreement”

a Lease agreement between a Lessee and Autolease where a Lessee leases a vehicle from Autolease for the period of Lease under the relevant Lease Agreement


the price for the Lease as set out in the relevant Lease Agreement


the car or van and all its documents (including the owner’s manual), tools, fittings, components, standard equipment (including jack, spare tyre, etc), whether mechanical or otherwise, the subject of a Lease Agreement.

“Initial Payment”

an upfront payment taken for applicable Lease, please see Lease Terms for further details.

25 Table of Charges

Charge Type
Charges (exc of Vat)

Collection & Delivery

£1.25 per mile

This charge is applied for vehicle delivery & collections

Fuel Charges

AA National Average +15%

Charge to replace fuel if different from the initial supplied level

Abortive Delivery & Collection


To recover costs due to failed delivery or collection

Valeting Charges

£75.00 plus additional charges if specialised cleaning is required

Valeting charge and charges for specialised cleaning is for vehicles that are outside of an acceptable standard or have not been cleaned as agreed.

Valeting Charge due to Smoke odour


The cost of cleansing the vehicle from smoke odour. This excludes the cost of any replacement parts and/or materials

Fine Administration Fee

Cost plus 10%

Admin fees for processing a fine or making a representation regarding traffic violations

Lost Keys

£45.00 plus the value of the fine incurred if paid by Autolease

The cost of replacement key(s) and all associated costs such as reprogramming, vehicle recovery etc.

Missed Services

Cost plus 10% on all parts and labour. Further charges may apply to compensate in loss of Residual Value detailed by CAP Hpi

Charges applied where scheduled vehicle servicing has been missed due to negligence of the Lessee, and for the replacement of parts and Labour for additional maintenance required due to Schedule Servicing being missed

Damage repair charges

Cost plus 20% up to £999.00

Cost plus 15% all costs over £1,000.00

Administration charges applied to costs associated with damage repairs.


£25.00 per form

Authority to take a vehicle out of the UK

Returned Payment Charges

£25.00 admin charge for returned item

Administration fee for any payments due that are returned / bounced

Late Payment Charges

£25.00 admin charge for a payment that is greater than 7 days

Excess Mileage

£0.33p per mile

A charge applied to every mile over and above the mileage limit set out in the Lease Schedule

Excess Rental Charge

0 > 7 Days = 100% rental

8 > 14 Days = 150% rental

15 > 21 Days = 200% rental

22 + = 300% rental

The charge applied to the Lease rental for a vehicle retained beyond the Lease End Date

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